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Big 5 Products is a company that strives to create the best braai products on the market. We look at the market’s food-making needs and then get to work to create the perfect product suitable for any braai lover. We don’t fool around with inadequate materials but only deliver products of the utmost quality. Come and have a look.

We Believe in Quality


Since 2016

Origin of the Big 5 Injector

The frustration of using a locally available syringe to find that the marinade you would like to inject into a chicken or roast does simply not go through the needle.
The Big 5 Injector was developed by Deon de Wet to overcome that frustration. The products have evolved into many different syringes and needles over the past year, just to keep up and provide the best solution on the market today.
Many butcheries and caterers use this product today for their marinade injection needs.

Quality, Expertise, Mouth- Watering Goodness

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality spit braai products made from aluminum, brass & stainless steel, enabling our customers to enhance their cooking experiences.

We are committed to innovation, craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service, striving to become a trusted national brand in the braai equipment industry.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of premium spit braai products, admired for our craftsmanship, innovation, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our Product Quality

We are committed to making use of only the finest materials on the market, as well as the most effective manufacturing processes to deliver products that are simply the best around.

Most of our parts are turned from solid round bar material, instead of making use of flimsy thin sheet metal, that is bent and welded. Each of our products has to pass a QC (Quality Check) before it can be shipped to its new warm house.

*All our injector products have a lifetime guarantee, so any broken component will be replaced free of charge.

Our Process

We manufacture all parts in-house, with only a few processes being outsourced.

All parts are turned on our CNC lathe and all our engraving and wooden cases are made using our laser cutting machines.

The manufacturing of combo set injectors is not only a delicate process but a timely one too. The combo set contains 14 parts all of which have to be turned one by one in batches to create a complete set.

Since 2016

Big 5 Injector Secret

Ever marinated a lamb, pork, chicken or turkey, only to find the lack of flavor disappointing? It can be extremely annoying to find what you have carefully prepared is dry or tastes only slightly better! Well – the most powerful flavor tool you’ll EVER use is the BIG5 Marinade Injector. This tool alone will RADICALLY ALTER YOUR BARBECUING RESULTS! Imagine smokey brandy and butter flavors throughout your top-side roast! Or red wine, rosemary, and garlic pumped to the heart of your lamb, apple juice, fiery chili, and mustard injected deep into pork shoulder roast! The possibilities and variations are
like the carrier of your flavor! As a bonus – if you decide you would like to make your own hams at home – the injectors can be used to pump curing solution into the meat! They are a must-have item for any serious cook or BBQ-er! limited only by your imagination!


“Five Stars!”

The best product on the market. And the service is top-notch. Thank you very much Big5injectors you are tops.

Dis is die lekkerste spice ooit, ek gaan nooit weer kan kos maak sonder dit nie, kwaliteit en smaak is van top gehalte en hoe kan dit anders met julle twee wonderlike mense.
Ons gaan definitief die res van die produkte moet probeer!

Julle diens is verby goed. Ek het myne bestel en betaal en dit was so vinnig afgelewer. Nou kan ons nie wag vir Vadersdag nie

Big 5 Products, thanks use it every time I do a pork rib or roast beef and spit braai, love the product.

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