Combo Injectors


2 x Lightweight *anodized aluminum syringes with capacities of 50ml and 160ml of marinade. Combo packaging is distributed in a dual-set 3mm wooden box.


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Technical Specifications:

Baby Injector Specifications:

  • Diameter = 25mm.
  • Length = 185mm (compressed with no needle)
  • Weight = 150g (with needle and no fluid)
  • Volume = 50ml

Large Injector Specifications:

  • Diameter = 38mm.
  • Length = 290mm (compressed with no needle)
  • Weight = 300g (with needle and no fluid)
  • Volume = 160ml

Needle Specifications:

  • 6mm thick x 125mm long front injection needle
  • 8mm thick x 150mm long front injection needle
  • Please Note: (The 8mm side injection needle is an optional extra)

Inside the box:

  • 2 x Syringes (Baby Injector 50ml and Big Injector 160ml)
  • 2 x Stainless Steel needles (6mm & 8mm fits on both syringes)
  • Spare O-Rings for both syringes
  • Instruction manual and recipes
  • 3mm wooden storage box

How to use:

  •  Clean the injector thoroughly before use.
  • Please make use of the cleaning instructions as indicated below.
  • Make a marinade of your choice.
  • Pick the correct needle for the correct job. The big needle is easier to use with chunky marinades!
  • Screw the appropriate needle on the front of the injector.
  • Ensure that the needle O-ring touches the injector for sealing purposes. Don’t over-tighten.
  • Push the plunger completely in, place the needle in the marinade, and pull the injector to suck the marinade into the injector.
  • Insert the needle into the meat as deep as you require and inject the marinade into the meat. Inject slowly to prevent the marinade from squirting back out.

Cleaning instructions:

  • NOTE: The front cap cannot be removed.
  • Unscrew the needle. • Unscrew the rear cap for cleaning and pull the plunger out.
  • Put everything in warm, soapy water.
  • After the components are cleaned up and dried, add a touch of olive oil to the O-ring before reinserting the inner slider into the cylinder.
  • Screw the back cap back onto the cylinder. Don’t over-tighten. • Spare O-rings are supplied as future replacement parts.

Additional information

Weight688 g
Small Injector Color

Silver, Gunmetal, Blue, Black, Red

Large Injector Color

Silver, Gunmetal, Blue, Black, Red


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